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Selling A Condo

When it comes to selling your condo, it is always a good idea to enlist in the help of a Realtor. With the help of a Realtor, you will be able to reach a broader number of potential buyers and the Realtor can help to make sure all of the paperwork is in proper order for the sale to be complete. Whether you use a Realtor or attempt to sell your condo on your own, however, there are a few steps you should take.

Make Lists

The first step you should take when trying to sell your condo is to make a list of everything your condo has to offer. What separates your condo from other condos that are on the market? What makes your condo special? What amenities does your condo have to offer to its residents? Make a list of everything that residency in the condo building has to offer as well as your specific unit and be certain to share this information with the Realtor if you choose to work with one.

In addition the amenities of the condo building and your unit, consider the location of your condo as well. For example, if your condo listed near to public transportation, is centrally located within a city, is close to a business district, or is near to great shopping and restaurants, you want to be certain to advertise this information as well.

Start Advertising

If you are going to attempt to sell your condo on your own, you will need to start taking steps to market your condo on your own. To do this, create ads on 3 by 5 cards that highlight the best features your condo has to offer. Then, get permission to post these in office complexes, transit stations, and anywhere else where you might be able to reach potential buyers. You should also try to consider catchy phrases that will help draw attention to your ads, such as "Walk to Work" or "Minutes from Public Transportation."

If you are utilizing the services of a Realtor, he or she will work on the marketing aspect for you. Although you can attempt to do this on your own, handing the job over to a Realtor will make your life far easier. In addition, since a Realtor has a great deal of experience in this area, he or she will likely be able to create more effective marketing methods and will be able to reach a larger number of potential buyers.


Since you have decided to sell the condo, you can start to spread the word among your neighbors, friends, and family. Even if you have a Realtor helping you out throughout the process, you can still help with spreading the word. In addition, residents of condos often have friends that are interested in moving into the building. Therefore, letting those around you know that you are interested in selling can go a long way toward getting your condo sold in a short period of time at the price you are asking for.

Keep in mind that selling a condo is about more than selling a place to live - it is also about selling a lifestyle. Therefore, you should be certain to target those that would be most interested in owning property without dealing with the headaches of maintaining a yard or other problems that are commonly associated with home ownership.

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