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Kingston, Ontario, the Limestone City, is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Canada. With over 120,000 people in the Greater Kingston Area it has all the comforts and services of larger cities with a small-town feel.

Kingston has an abundance of parks, golf courses and restaurants, excellent air quality rating and world-class educational and health care facilities.

Kingston has three post - secondary institutions, St. Lawrence College, the Royal Military College of Canada and the world renowned Queen's University.

Living in Kingston

Kingston is a comfortable family-oriented place in which to live. It offers a wide range of housing options from old historic neighbourhoods of limestone, brick and clapboard houses to modern subdivisions with the same shopping amenities found in larger centres. Spacious country and waterfront living is possible within ten minutes of the main commercial areas of the city.

Housing prices in most categories compare favourably in affordability with the rest of Canada.  In April 2015, the average selling price of a home in Kingston was $285,896.  The average cost of a home in Montreal approximates $333,943, in Toronto $635,932, in Ottawa $382,960, Halifax-Dartmouth $280,529 and in Victoria $520,975. The national average price for a home in Canada in April 2015 was $448,862.

Why Kingston

Kingston is the hub of eastern Ontario. From here, it is only a two-hour drive to the major population centres of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Syracuse, New York - and immediate access to markets of more than 130 million people within a day´s drive.